Moving Averages 101: How to Use Moving Averages to Buy and Sell Stocks, ETFs, and Cryptos

Moving-average lines are some of the most important technical indicators available to traders. Fortunately, they are also one of the simplest indicators to learn to use successfully. In this powerful course, trend-trading coach Jerry Robinson, a 25-year trading expert, will introduce you to these powerful technical indicators and show you to use them to generate short-term or long-term trading profits.

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Jerry Robinson, Trend Trader and Trading Coach
Jerry Robinson is the founder of He is an economist, veteran trend trader, best-selling author, and trading coach. Mr. Robinson's trading specialties include 3X ETFs, DITM call options, and growth stocks. He is the best-selling author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation.


Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:58:48 Duration
  • The different types of moving averages
  • Four moving averages every trader should know
  • The best moving average strategies for swing traders
  • The best moving average strategies for position traders
  • The best moving average strategies for day traders
  • The best moving average strategies for long-term investors
  • How to use moving averages to identify support and resistance
  • How to back-test a moving average trading strategy

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