How to Trade Winning Stock Gaps & Breakouts

Discover step by step swing and day trading strategies to help you trade the strongest momentum entries in today's markets. In this thoughtful, easy-to-understand presentation, Ken Calhoun, president,, will show you exactly what you need to know to capitalize on gaps and breakouts. This informative, fast-paced class is designed to help you quickly accelerate your trading skills. No PowerPoint will be used; instead, you will look over Ken's shoulder at charts captured during live markets.


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Ken Calhoun, President
Ken Calhoun is the president of Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards for his professional trading systems, and he has trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. Mr. Calhoun trains traders on how to trade using one-minute candle charts, sector breakouts, gaps and market indexes using advanced tape reading, and real-time candlestick trading techniques by using live market examples. A former corporate statistician and quality engineer, he brings a wealth of analytical experience to the markets.


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:53:53 Duration
  • Learn how to scan visually for the best charts to trade (hint: range and trend strength are key to success)
  • Discover must-see gap trading tips, such as which gaps to avoid and which ones to trade
  • Hear specific techniques to help you trade several types of popular gap setups
  • Learn where to set your entries and exits
  • Find out how to avoid false breakouts
  • Discover how to quickly use several simple “instant entry” signals to help you spot the very best trade setups each morning

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