Three Top Technical Tools for Better Stock Picking

John Person, John Person, Inc., CEO

Most investors look at fundamental data to assess whether they should initiate stock positions, yet they fail to use or understand how and why certain technical tools can help identify opportunities for both entering and exiting positions. Veteran trader and trading system developer, John Person, will share how you can use some of the most powerful technical tools for determining key market conditions used by thousands of traders, as well as retail and institutional investors. 


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3 Chapters • 2:07:09 Duration
This is a powerful momentum-price-based indicator that “paints” an arrow up for buy signals and down for sell signals on charts and can be used for any asset class, ranging from stocks to cryptocurrencies on any time frame. You can use this tool for trading, especially when using the scanning feature on the various trading platforms.
This is another amazing tool, which formats comparative relative strength in the form of a histogram. This tool is best used to detect when stocks are susceptible for profit-taking within bearish divergence patterns, or setting up for strong buy signals when showing positive divergence patterns. The PMC indicator is a comparative relative strength tool that highlights the condition of the underlying instrument vs. the S&P 500 under four distinct market conditions: improving, strengthening, weakening, and lagging.
John will show you how, when, and why you should use the Persons Pivot Indicator not only to help determine market direction, but also support and resistance targets withing a chosen time frame, either daily, weekly, monthly, option expiration, and quarterly outlooks.

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John Person
John Person, Inc., CEO

John Person is a 40-year veteran trader who is also an experienced trading system developer. He is the author of several highly acclaimed trading books and the creator of the Persons Pivots and PPS momentum indicators, found on brokerage firms such as Charles Schwab's thinkorswim, TradeStation, and the software platform, Trade Navigator, from Genesis Financials.

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