EminiMind Pro Trading Strategy: Day Trade the E-Mini S&P Futures 90-Minutes a Day

Tim Racette, EminiMind.com, Trader and Founder

In this in-depth course, Tim Racette, trader and founder of EminiMind.com, will go over the basics of setting up your chart (on any platform), give an overview of the strategy, and gain an understanding of how to identify trend days versus range-bound days. We will walk through the basic charting tools and how to assess various support and resistance levels. Tim will also go through all the ins and outs of placing and managing your trades. Where to set your stops, how to manage winners, and what protections you can put in place to limit drawdowns. We will finish up with some helpful tips for trading the E-mini futures, and a bonus lesson.

Course Content

4 Chapters • 1:18:29 Duration
  • Identifying the trend
  • Chart setup
  • Strategy basics
  • Drawing Fibs
  • 512 Tick Chart/Heikin Ashi
  • Order entry
  • Entry, stops, and targets
  • Managing trades
  • Dealing with drawdowns
  • Helpful tips
This bonus lesson will cover the most helpful tool for day trading the E-mini S&P. The NYSE Tick is by far the best way to pinpoint your entries and exits.

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Tim Racette
EminiMind.com, Trader and Founder
Tim Racette is a stock, options, and futures trader living in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. A Chicago-land native, he has gained a wealth of trading experience over the last 15+ years. Having spent time on the floor of the CBOT and trading remotely via the screen, Mr. Racette brings a well-balanced lifestyle approach to trading. He shares his thoughts and strategies for trading for a living at EminiMind.com.

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