Build a Modern Portfolio: Growth, Dividend, Cannabis, Tech Stocks, & More!

Aaron Dunn, KeyStone Financial, Senior Equity Analyst

Ryan Irvine, KeyStone Financial, President

Tired of the high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing? Or are you just looking to become a better investor? There is a better way. Your MoneyMastersSM course experts, Ryan Irvine, president; and Aaron Dunn, senior equity analyst, will teach you Keystone's simple portfolio-building solution that will allow you to take control of your portfolio, save on fees, and focus on the most critical element to creating portfolio wealth—buying high-quality growth and dividend stocks.

Course Content

2 Chapters
  • Why the traditional portfolio-building model in Canada is broken.
  • How to simplify your stock portfolio and pay less fees.
  • If cannabis, blockchain, big data, AI, or gaming stocks are right for your portfolio.
  • Simple, proven, and powerful methods to identify which stocks to buy, which to avoid, and how to build an effective portfolio from the ground up
  • How to build a simple 15-25 stock portfolio no matter the stage of your life.
  • Analysis of the FAANG stocks, cleantech, healthcare, technology, gold stocks—should you buy or sell?
  • Uncover quality high-growth small-caps, Canadian dividend growth, and quality US growth and dividend stocks.
  • How Keystone's unique research into high-quality, little-known stocks such as The Boyd Group (BYD:TSX), up 9,770%—the fourth best-performing stock over the past decade can help power your portfolio.

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Aaron Dunn
KeyStone Financial, Senior Equity Analyst
Ryan Irvine
KeyStone Financial, President

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