How to Use These Three Top Technical Indicators for Profitable Stock Picking

John Person, CEO of John Person, Inc., shares how to use his top three technical indicators correctly for selecting stock trades. You will learn how to trade momentum stocks and use state-of-the-art trading platforms that will help you scan for the best-ranked stocks in Industry and sector groups. These tools can be found on several trading platforms that you will learn how to use. He will also teach you how to set up the scanning function and arrange the indicators on your charts, so you will be prepared for market opportunities in the coming months ahead.


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John Person
John Person, Inc., CEO
John Person, a 40 year trading veteran is a private trader specializing in developing algorithmic trading systems for retail and institutional clients. John has written several internationally popular books that target trading futures, ETF's stocks and options. His trading systems and indicators are used on multiple trading platforms worldwide. John is a consultant for the industries top financial institutions and a featured speaker for various organizations around the world including AATA, IFTA and the MTA. He is currently an elected member in good standing of The American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA).


Course Content

3 Chapters • 1:59:18 Duration
Pivot-point analysis helps traders gauge a possible range for a market during a certain period of time, using formulas with past price ranges. The Persons Pivots Indicator uses a moving average component to determine market trend outlook, bullish for uptrends and bearish for down trends. In this section, you will learn how to set-up your charts and the settings to be used for day trading using the Persons Pivot indicator and the PPS bullish and bearish momentum indicator.
John explains how his application of on-balance volume (OBV) analysis can help identify key turning points in the markets. He will also show which time frames, from high-low, work well to give confirmation on trade signals.
The Persons Market Catcher (PMC) is a variation on relative strength comparative analysis of one market versus the S&P 500 on a percentage change basis. In this section, John shares how to get the most out of scanning for stock trades for option and swing trades using this indicator. He’ll show you how to spot extremely powerful bearish and bullish divergence patterns that tend to generate amazing continuation and trend reversal conditions.

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