Find Your Edge in Chart-Patterns Trading: Know Specifics of Why, When, and How

Suri Duddella,, Trader and Author

Pattern recognition is the essential and primary ability any trader must develop in technical analysis. It may be a basic skill, but the expert recognition of patterns helps traders to quantify and react to the changing market environment. For the past 25 years, Suri Duddella of, has been a private trader using his proprietary mathematical, algorithmic, and pattern-recognition models. In this MoneyMastersSM course, he will teach you the most versatile skill that could help you become a more consistently profitable trader!


Course Content

5 Chapters • 1:15:36 Duration
  • Fundamental components of chart patterns
  • Discussion of classic and advanced chart patterns
  • Learn market context for validating chart patterns
  • Identification of chart patterns with its conditions and rules
  • Identifying the entries, stops, and exits
  • Using pattern price and time cycles to set targets and stops
  • Managing the chart patterns after entry
  • A framework for success and failure
  • How to trade pattern failures
  • Pattern statistics and how to use them for trading
  • Chart pattern examples with trade details
  • Reviews of various chart patterns to practice your pattern-recognition skills

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Suri Duddella, Trader and Author
Suri Duddella is author of and has been a private trader for the past 25 years, using his proprietary mathematical and algorithmic and pattern recognition models. He was a founder of a financial research and analysis company from 1998 to 2005 specializing in financial modeling, research/analysis, and technology architecture for financial Institutions, investment research, and investment media companies. Mr. Duddella's research has been reviewed and featured in Forbes, Barron's, Active Trader, Stocks and Commodities, TRADERS' magazine (Germany), Traders Journal, and Washington Business Journal.

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