Ryan Modesto


5i Research, Inc.

About Ryan

Ryan Modesto is chief executive officer at 5i Research, an investment research provider. He has held positions in industries ranging from insurance to renewable energy while being a lead on multi-million-dollar investment initiatives. Mr. Modesto played a key role in the management of high-net-worth investment portfolios at one of Canada's largest banks. He also sits on the KW Committee for the Toronto CFA Society, as well as on the Waterloo Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Ryan's Videos

Join Ryan Modesto, as he highlights 15 charts that will inform and educate you on important trends, themes, and statistics in the markets.
Ryan Modesto discusses five key factors all investors should consider when examining stocks and what they mean for a particular company. Ryan provides examples of some stocks that exhibit these particular factors and discusses where and how investors can access these factors. Finally he provides an update on the current state of the markets.

Ryan Modesto, CFA, takes a look at the state of the markets, what investors should and should not be concerned about, and discusses stocks to hold regardless of the macro environment.