Nelson Chu

Founder and CEO,


About Nelson

Nelson Chu is the founder and CEO of Percent, the modern credit marketplace. After witnessing the inefficiencies in the private credit markets, Mr. Nelson was inspired to transform this industry for the better and founded Percent in 2018. Percent has built an end-to-end credit platform unlike any other, empowering investors to transact with confidence through governance, asset transparency, and market standardization.

Nelson's Videos

Learn about the growing asset class of private credit and how it can provide higher yields, shorter durations, and low correlation to traditional equity and fixed-income markets. The private credit market, with $7 trillion and previously only accessible to institutional investors, is now experiencing a surge in demand. During the webinar, experts Nelson Chu and Prath Reddy, CFA will discuss the evolution of private markets and the potential for private credit to diversify your portfolio and unlock yield.