John Blank

Chief Equity Strategist,

Zacks Investment Research

  • Author - Large Cap Trader Investment Newsletter

About John

John J. Blank, PhD, is in charge of publishing the masthead monthly Zacks Market Strategy and Zacks Economics publications available on and through Those two efforts arrive along with quarterly periodicals on the global financial markets, which are made available to Zacks Premium, Zacks Advisor Tools, and Zacks Research System subscribers. Finally, Mr. Blank runs the Large Cap Trader, a daily Zacks Ultimate investment newsletter dedicated to finding the best screened, top-down, portfolio selection of large cap stocks. In addition to these, he helps advise the investment management arm of Zacks, with over $10 billion dollars under management.

John's Videos

John will discuss how the semi-chip industry is put together, how the CHIPS Act catalyzes its US development. John will then supply some Zacks-ranked stock-picking ideas, for investors to profit from the best opportunities.
During this webinar, you'll get factual on the extent of structural changes that were wrought, on key fundamental spending landscapes, over the last 18 months with John Blank of Zacks Investment Research.
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November 28 - 29, 2023