Shane Smoleny


Wolf Trader Futures

  • President at Wolf Trader Futures
  • 20 Year Experience
  • Co-Author of A Traders Guide to Financial Astrology with Larry Pesavento

About Shane

Shane Smoleny, president of Wolf Trader Futures, was a physics and biomedical science professor for 12 years and has been trading financial markets and commodities for over 22 years. He is a registered CPO, CTA who co-authored the book A Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology with Larry Pesavento. Each month, Wolf Trader Futures releases five financial newsletters covering the S&P, metals, energy, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The newsletters cover long-term cycles, medium-term cycles, and the daily Fed Juice®, which tracks the Federal Reserve's daily activities and the impact on financial markets. Wolf Trader Futures also offers live auto trading using the Polar R Squared trading system using a balanced basket of commodity market sectors. These sectors include metals, energy, currencies, softs, financials, and equities. Live account results are tracked and posted daily.

Shane's Articles

Shane Smoleny, of Wolf Trader Futures gives an update on the S&P while also touching on other markets such as copper, gold, Bitcoin, and the US dollar.

Shane's Videos

Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven during inflationary periods and turbulent financial times. But is this view still valid? In this presentation, Shane will explore the meaning of Gold and how this meaning has changed over the past 14 years. He will also discuss Gold's direction and the best strategies to play Gold in the future.

Join Shane Smoleny in this interview with Jim Plankers to hear how Preferred Coin Exchange is uniquely positioned in the numismatic industry and how investors can benefit from it.

This seminar will cover how to balance the daily Fed Juice® signal with the seasonal market patterns of metals. It is well known that seasonal market patterns help investors determine the general tendencies of commodity markets and metals throughout the year. However, it is critical to balance the daily Fed Juice® signal with these seasonal market patterns. In this way, one can determine the relative market bias revealed through divergences that unfold. This relative market bias can give us clues to the strength of current trend action and future price moves.
Shane Smoleny developed the Fed Juice® a financial model that tracks the Federal Reserve's daily activities, tracks its impact on financial markets, and also touches every commodity market in some way. On March 20, 2020, he made a bold prediction that the stock markets and the economy would make a complete recovery right at the market lows of Covid-19. The Fed Juice® tracked the full market recovery through 2020 back to new highs.