Jimmy Mengel is an editor for the Outsider Club and the investment director of the thousands-strong financial advisory The Crow's Nest, an easy-to-follow program that will help secure your finances, grow what you have and allow you to retire comfortably. His recent focus is on easy and low-cost, long-term retirement investing, dividend reinvestment plans, and the coming peer-to-peer sharing economy.

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Nucor: A Steal in Steel?
Jimmy Mengel Image Jimmy Mengel

Nucor (NUE) is the single-largest steel producer in the United States. It is also the largest “mini-mill” …

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Rollins: Pests and Profits
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There are some companies that will simply go on and on — regardless of market trends; indeed, the billion-dollar …

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Teva: A "Buy Low" Bet
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Opioid drug abuse has become a national epidemic; Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (TEVA) has just developed a d…

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Top Picks 2017: Emblem Corp.
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Our Top Pick for speculators is a fully integrated medical marijuana, health care, and cannabinoid-based pharmaceutica…

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Top Picks 2017: Compass Diversified Holdings
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Our Top Pick for conservative growth investors in 2017 is a private equity firm specializing in acquisitions, buyouts,…

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Herzfeld Caribbean Basin: Investing in Cuba
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President Obama relaxed trade restrictions with Cuba in 2014 — through executive order — and plenty of inv…

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Get Educated on 529 College Plans
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Given the ridiculous cost of higher education these days, I try to stay keenly aware of how much I’ll need to save…

Aerojet: Deep Space and Defense
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Deep space travel is no longer the realm of science-fiction: NASA has an ambitious plan to send a man to Mars by 2030,…

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