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Ned Davis

President and Senior Investment Strategist

Ned Davis Research


Ned Davis is the president and senior investment strategist for Ned Davis Research, Inc. (NDR), which he founded in 1980. He has been professionally involved with the stock market for more than 40 years. While arguing that forecasting is impossibly difficult, Mr. Davis espouses a philosophy that he believes can consistently win through a disciplined strategy of following the weight of objective indicator evidence. He also believes flexibility is crucial and his company, Ned Davis Research, Inc., produces many sentiment indicators warning investors to be wary at crowd extremes while helping them to be open-minded about potential trend changes. Mr. Davis also does not ignore another key to winning risk management. Therefore, all of his research is dedicated to avoiding major mistakes, cutting losses short, and letting profits run. NDR is based in Venice, Florida, and has more than 1,050 different institutional clients in over 41 countries. Mr. Davis is the author of Being Right or Making Money and The Triumph of Contrarian Investing.