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Michael Golembesky is a featured analyst at ElliottWaveTrader, where he hosts subscription services around analysis of forex and VXX. He began his trading journey as a SOES trader in the late 90's. In 2005, he began trading the forex markets at which time he was first introduced to Elliott Wave analysis. Mr. Golembesky also has an extensive background in real estate investing and finance, having spent close to 10 years working in this field.

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XIV Hits All-Time Highs as VIX Sets Records that May Never Be Broken

I am still looking for a tradable top in the XIV, but the setup has still yet to present itself, so I’m on the sidelines, says Mike Golembesky, an Elliott Wave analyst who covers volatility…

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RBA Minutes Turn Hawkish on News that AUD/USD Had Moved Higher

If the AUD/USD can break through that 0.8167 pivot level while holding over the support zone, it could see at least the 0.8261-0.8482 target zone later this year and higher into 2018, says Mike Gol…

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US Dollar Falls to New Lows, and So Do Excuses to Explain It

If that 97.15-98.78 resistance zone does break, then the DXY may once again re-visit January highs. The pressure could remain down on the DXY at least into this fall, says Mike Golembesky, an E…

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If Trump Jr. & Russia Can't Stop the Dow on Quest for 22,000, What Can?

Regardless of what bombshell event unfolds, as long as we do not see a sustained break of the larger degree support zone, the Dow will likely climb into 2018, says Mike Golembesky, an Elliott W…

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Can the XIV Reach an All-Time High as We Approach OPEX?

As long as this Ending Diagonal pattern remains, I will remain extremely cautious to trade XIV to the long side or volatility to the short side, says Mike Golembesky, an Elliott Wave analyst …

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The Pound Is Still Poised to See Lower Levels

Since the low on June 21, the pound has risen quite sharply against the U.S. dollar yet the pound could go lower,  asserts Mike Golembesky, an Elliott Wave analyst covering U.S…