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Linda McDonough is a veteran hedge fund analyst who loves to break down company financial statements and identify market inefficiencies to uncover big opportunities. She believes in a boots-on-the-ground approach that includes surveying customers, interviewing company executives, or doing whatever it takes to see what others dont.

After graduating cum laude from the Carroll School of Management of Boston College, Linda went on to get her Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Her first real job was as a mutual fund accountant before evolving into a hard-nosed researcher and senior analyst for top-flight hedge funds.

Shes now brought the same successful Launchpad Catalyst Protocol that she developed as a hedge fund analyst to subscribers of her Profit Catalyst Alert service. Her system identifies small- and mid-cap stocks that are about to breakout due to catalytic events that few others can identifyits too late. These events often times result in massive gains for her followers.

She also uses proprietary screens and a growth-at-a-reasonable-price strategy to identify undervalued growth stories for her Growth Stock Strategist.

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