Jim Powell is the principal analyst for the popular Global Changes & Opportunities Report. Jim has an extensive background in the sciences and finance that have made his market and stock recommendations highly valued by successful investors for nearly 30 years.

Jim's main strength has always been his ability to find links between seemingly unrelated events that lead to excellent investment opportunities - and sometimes threats to be avoided.

One reason that Jim has been so successful is he has learned not to trust most of the economic measurements released by the government. Inflation, the money supply, unemployment, and many other vital statistics are "massaged" to make them more favorable to the government and less frightening to the public.

Instead, Jim gets his numbers from private economic firms that use unbiased data and well-tested formulas. The more accurate measurements help Jim find profitable investments for his clients, and avoid financial traps.

Before starting his current newsletter, Global Changes & Opportunities Report in 2006, Jim produced Growth Stock Alert for Jefferson Financial and was the research director of the popular investment service, ValuTALK that was distributed worldwide on CD and audio cassette tape. Jim was also the founding editor of the investment newsletters, High Tech Investor, Technology Stock News, and the Physicians Financial Advisor.

Jim is the author of two important books, The Dow Jones Irwin Guide to High Tech Investing and Super Investment Trends, Cashing In On The Dynamic 1990s. Additionally, Jim has contributed to many financial periodicals including USA Today, Business Week, Barron's, and Time.

Content from Jim Powell

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