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Simplicity is key to ensuring everyone can trade efficiently. At eToro we pride ourselves on always keeping simplicity in mind. That's why we've developed flexible trading platforms that provide fast and easy access to the financial markets. We provide a unique combination of simple to use trading platforms - from home and on the go - and the largest social trading network that appeals to every level of trading experience. That's why over 4 million customers currently chose eToro as their preferred trading platform

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When Traders Innovate: The Story of eToro CopyFunds

With CopyFunds, investors around the world can have a managed investment portfolio with no additional fees, at a click of a button, writes Shiran Herzberg of eToro. Get Trading Insights, MoneyShow&…

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Apple Inc Stock & the iPhone 8

If Apple’s forecasts are correct, the actual sales figures will boost the company’s share price dramatically. With Apple expected to produce massive quantities of iPhones in 2017-1818, the…

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How eToro Pioneered Social Trading

(Sponsored content) For over a decade, eToro has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution, with the declared agenda of disrupting the traditional trading industry. One of its biggest contributio…