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Matthew Scholz

Founder and CTO



Matthew Scholz is the founder and chief executive officer of Immusoft, a biotech start-up firm that is developing a breakthrough technology that will turn a patient's B cells into miniature drug factories. With a background in computer security, his initial concept for Immusoft's core technology was based on using high-speed cryptographic hardware to develop novel proteins to fight pathogens. In 2008, Mr. Scholz began conducting independent research in immunology and gene therapy and seeking input from some of the world's top scientists. By 2009, he dramatically evolved the initial concept after conceiving how a research system developed by Nobel Laureate and former President of Caltech, David Baltimore, could be modified for a practical application: programming resting B cells to secrete therapeutic proteins. Mr. Scholz negotiated an exclusive license to the system, then developed and patented a way to improve its efficiency nearly seven-fold, thus making it clinically viable. Along the way, he has recruited a world-class team of scientists and biotech business experts to build Immusoft's core technology and shape and drive the company. With Immusoft as his third venture, Mr. Scholz has 13 years of experience connecting real-world needs with cutting-edge technical solutions. Prior projects include mobile application development and GPS-based fleet logistics (a start-up that he sold in 2009). He holds a degree in computer science from the University of Washington and is a frequent speaker at the University of Washington School of Business. Mr. Scholz also serves as mentor for the Thiel Fellowship, a program that awards $100k grants to some of the brightest scientific minds in the world who are under age 20.