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Robb Reinhold


Maverick Trading


Robb Reinhold, principal, Maverick Trading, is one of the country's foremost experts in spread trading equity options. In recent years, he has branched into the forex currencies markets and now Maverick Trading runs both an equities options branch and a foreign currencies branch. Mr. Reinhold acquired Maverick Trading in 2003 and ran it as a local trading firm. He dedicated the next few years traveling across North America teaching the methodologies he had adopted and developed. Mr. Reinhold decided that Maverick Trading needed to evolve from a local trading firm into a global proprietary trading firm where not only would they train their new traders, but would allow them to trade with the firm's capital. The gap between knowledge and the ability to apply the knowledge was quickly bridged. Prior to this, he began his trading career with Maverick Trading in 1997, where they not only allowed traders to come in and trade on their platform, but they also taught traders to read charts, manage risk and properly allocate capital in their position sizes. Mr. Reinhold's innovative and award-winning business model has gotten national attention from CNBC, MSN Money, and McGraw-Hill publishing. He has been commissioned by McGraw-Hill to write a book on Maverick Trading's unique approach to the markets.