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Robert Krause


Demand Derivatives Corp.


Robert Krause is chairman and CEO of the Volatility Exchange Group. Immediately prior, he was the founder, managing partner, and chief risk officer of Event Capital Markets. This firm services the alternative-asset industry with some of the most detailed, comprehensive, and independent due diligence reviews of trading managers available. Prior to this, Mr. Krause was senior vice president at Zurich Capital Markets. He was also a senior member on the investment committee for Javelin (an actively managed FOF with assets over $1 billion). Mr. Krause also served as executive vice president of alternative investments at Mitsui Commodities, where he oversaw the managed futures, hedge fund, and private equity product lines. Before that, he was vice president of institutional equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as the manager of option products marketing, and director of GLOBEX marketing. He is the author of The Volatility Handbook and CME Futures and Options Strategy Guide.

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