Eric Basmajian

Economic Analyst,

EPB Macro Research

  • Founder & Editor at EPB Macro Research
  • BA in Economics from New York University

About Eric

Eric Basmajian is an economic analyst providing analysis on macroeconomic trends both domestically and globally. With a degree in economics and experience at a quantitative hedge fund, he has developed a unique methodology to forecast major economic inflection points and translate that research into a complete investment framework. Blending a diverse background in economics and experience with quantitative analysis, Mr. Basmajian developed unique methods to identify the most powerful economic forces and the resulting impact on asset prices.

Eric's Videos

In order to avoid the economic pain caused by Covid-19, government budget deficits exploded around the world. While it may appear inconsequential, rising debt loads in both the public and private sectors will result in weaker economic growth, lower rates of inflation, and long-term interest rates that fall towards 0%.
With the economy in deceleration mode, Eric Basmajian suggests that investors move to defensive sectors
Interest rates typically decline in periods of deceleration and the US economy is decelerating, particularly in manufacturing.
Eric Basmajian, the #1 read economics contributor at Seeking Alpha, discusses the health and direction of the economy, based on analysis of a range of macroeconomic data. Using this analysis, he will share his insights on the direction of interest rates and the stock market heading into the 4th quarter and 2020.