Harry Domash publishes DividendDetective.com, a site specializing in high-dividend investing, and WinningInvesting.com, a free site featuring how to investing tutorials and many other features on being a better investor. He is best known for his investing columns that have appeared regularly in publications such as Business 2.0 Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and financial Web sites such as MSN Money and Morningstar. Mr. Domash is also the author of the bestselling fundamental analysis book, Fire Your Stock Analyst, published by Prentice Hall, which has been translated into Japanese and Chinese.

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High Tech, High Dividends
Harry Domash Image Harry Domash

Harry Domash, a leading income and dividend specialists, maintains some 20 specialized model income portfolios in his …

Tickers: QCOM | TXN
Tech Plays for Income-Seekers
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Harry Domash, editor of Dividend Detective, develops a wide variety of models designed for those seeking income. Here,…

Tickers: STK
A New Take on the Aristocrats
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The S&P Dividend Aristocrats is a list of S&P 500 stocks that have increased their dividends for at least 25 c…

Tickers: AFL | ADM | CVX | XOM
Top Picks 2017: CenturyLink
Harry Domash Image Harry Domash

My Top Pick for income investors offers a steady 9% dividend yield plus appreciation potential, suggests Harry Domash…

Tickers: CTL
Top Picks 2017: HP, Inc.
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The first major high-tech Silicon Valley firm was founded in Palo Alto in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard, n…

Tickers: HPQ
A Trio of "Preferred" REITs
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Taking advantage of last month’s downturn in prices for preferreds, we’re adding three new picks to our Pr…

Tickers: AHT-G | NNN-F | PSB-W
"Detective" Finds High-Tech Yields
Harry Domash Image Harry Domash

An increasing number of tech stocks have begun paying significant dividends, allowing income-oriented investors to ben…

Tickers: CY | QCOM
Dividend Detective Finds High-Yielding MLP
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The market is typically weak in September and early October and then rallies until year-end. So, we expect a similar p…

Tickers: PSXP