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Daniel Genter

President, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer

RNC Genter Capital Management


Daniel Genter is president, CEO, and chief investment officer of RNC Genter Capital Management. He joined the firm in 1979, became a vice president in 1983, and was made partner a year later. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Genter was responsible for developing the firms private client and entertainment divisions, which include elite clients in Hollywood and professional sports. In 1992, he assumed his current role when the Bank of Austria purchased the firm, and 1998, Mr. Genter repurchased the firm and is now the primary shareholder. The media often calls upon Mr. Genter for his perspective on the financial markets. Mr. Genter is a regular guest on CNBC, FOX News, and Bloomberg Television. Additionally, he can often be heard on Bloomberg Radio, where he is a popular commentator and is frequently quoted in major print publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, USA Today, and the Washington Post.