Bambi Francisco Roizen


  • Founder and CEO of Vator
  • Managing Partner at the Vator Investment Club
  • Prior Award-Winning Journalist, Syndicated Columnist and TV Correspondent for Dow Jones MarketWatch

About Bambi

Bambi Francisco Roizen is a Filipino-American entrepreneur, investor, and writer. She is founder and CEO of Vator, a community for tech entrepreneurs and investors; co-founder of Invent Health, a forum focused on digital health and managing partner of the Vator Health Fund, which invests in public and private digital healthcare companies. Ms. Francisco is also managing partner at the Vator Investment Club (VIC), equivalent to a $50M early-stage investment firm. She is a frequent speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship at universities and conferences. Prior to Vator, Ms. Francisco was an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist, and TV correspondent for Dow Jones MarketWatch. She covered Internet trends and investments across the public and private sectors as a contributor on technology stocks and the markets on CNBC, Fox Business News and CBS. Bambi was named to the "blue-chip" financial reporting all-star team by The Journal of Financial Reporters, the leading organization for the business news industry. Francisco-Roizen went to Rutgers for Economics and Westminster Theological Seminary for Apologetics.

Bambi's Articles

"This is the time of the year when I put together a Christmas wish list–for investments, that is," notes Bambi Francisco, Internet analyst and columnist for CBSMarketwatch. While cautioning that her technology stock favorites are often "expensive," she offers her holiday favorites.
"Searching for alternative Google plays?" asks Bambi Francisco. The Internet analyst for notes that many money managers are averse to entering the auction for the IPO. Here, she look at other ways to play this long awaited offering.
What are the top future drivers for technology demand? Internet expert Bambi Francisco, who writes the weekly NetStocks and daily NetSense columns for CBS MarketWatch discusses the top emerging technologies from VoIP to RFID, and the best stocks to play these trends.
In a brilliant, albeit challenging and slightly tongue-in-cheek article, CBS columnist, Bambi Francisco, makes a case for "truth" and Internet stocks, through the eyes of an eclectic mix of commentators, ranging from science fiction writers, theologians, social critics, and some of history's greatest thinkers.

Bambi's Videos

2021 is the year of harvest for digital health investments as IPOs are lining up. It's also another record-breaking year of VC investments in digital health. Besides the pandemic, what's behind the growth? How are new innovations reinventing the healthcare paradigm from sick-care to self-care and where are the opportunities? Join Bambi Francisco Roizen to discover the answers to these questions and more!
Global investments in digital health are at record highs. Covid-19 has accelerated advancements and benefits of virtual care, behavioral, and digital therapeutics. This session will help investors understand innovations in digital health and how to develop a growth-opportunity thesis around public companies that may not be factored into their stock price. To successfully invest in public tech stocks, a long-term thesis can be formed by being a student of the startups and the consumption patterns developing based on changing demographics, culture, and technology. Private market investors are trained to view the world 10 years out. They don't base their ideas on quarterly reports, though they are important, but on whether a company is positioned to grab market share of a growing market that has yet to fully take form.
Roizen describes digital therapeutics and health communities
How to invest in the burgeoning health sector