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Jared Wesley

Moderator, Pristine Method Trading Room (PMTR) and

Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc.


Jared Wesley is a senior moderator in the Pristine Method Trading Room (PMTR), a Pristine trading coach, and a trading course/seminar instructor for Pristine Trading. He developed and wrote the trading course/seminar, "How to Succeed in the Trading Business" and is a primary Pristine Method® trading educator. Mr. Wesley is highly proficient in teaching the "Trading the Pristine Method" course and the Pristine Prop Trading Program, where he uses his personal trading successes to help traders make money trading. After graduating from Boston College, he spent five years living in Tokyo, Japan. Despite actively trading the markets since 1998, it wasn't until Mr. Wesley's return from Japan that he was introduced to Pristine. Along with mentorships from Pristine educators, he attributes much of his success to the fact that he has been solely focused on the Pristine Method, which significantly shortened his learning curve. One of Mr. Wesley's focal point is his desire to help traders keep their approach simple. He also avidly preaches emotional and educational discipline as cornerstones to success. Mr. Wesley is proficient in all timeframes, but specializes in early morning and intra-day trading on the shorter, 2' and 5' charts. He makes trading calls on a daily basis in the PMTR, regularly contributes to the Pristine lesson of the week, and conducts free trading workshops.