Berna Barshay



  • Editor and Research Analyst at Empire Financial Research
  • Editor of the Empire Financial Daily and Empire Market Insider newsletters
  • MBA from Harvard Business School

About Berna

Berna Barshay recently launched a Substack financial blog under the handle @HedgeFundGirl, which is also where you can find her on Twitter. Every week, the @HedgeFundGirl free Substack addresses a topical aspect of the markets, ranging from breaking down an event in the headlines to deep dives into individual stocks or industries. A premium tier will launch soon with monthly reports and ongoing updates on Ms. Barshay's favorite stocks, which draw heavily from the worlds of consumer and media, small caps, and special situations. Ms. Barshay spent more than 20 years on Wall Street, beginning her career in equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs and later working as a buy-side equity analyst at Sanford Bernstein, where she covered global consumer cyclicals and conglomerates. Ms. Barshay spent time as an analyst at several long/short hedge funds, including Sky Zone Capital, Metropolitan Capital, Buckingham Capital, and LaGrange Capital, and as a portfolio manager at global reinsurer Swiss Re and at an ultra-high net worth family office. In 2020, after a long career managing institutional capital in US and European equities, Ms. Barshay pivoted to providing retail investors with investment advice and education, first at Empire Financial Research, and now at @HedgeFundGirl.

Berna's Articles

Toymaker Mattel (MAT) has been a pretty terrible stock for the last 10 years. It currently sits around $21, less than half of its 10-year high just shy of $48, which was set back in late 2013. But the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon makes now a great time to re-assess the stock, says Berna Barshay, editor of Hedge Fund Girl.
When excessive optimism is broadly replaced with overwhelming pessimism, there will be investment opportunities…but you have to do your homework. The Netflix (NFLX) saga is a great example, writes Berna Barshay, editor of HedgeFundGirl.
A recent study indicated that almost half of employed Americans “hold a side job or have some other form of supplemental income.” These “side hustles” are on the rise not only with cash-strapped, low-income workers but also with higher earners. Several companies are fueling the trend...but should you invest in them? Berna Barshay, editor of HedgeFundGirl, weighs in.
Ideas can come from anywhere. Whether you are using a new game-changing software at work, are being hounded by your kids to buy them the latest fashion trend, or you tried the most delicious new food or restaurant…these are all experiences that could lead to your next great investment, writes Berna Barshay, editor of HedgeFundGirl.

Berna's Videos

In this webinar, Berna Barshay will discuss why Netflix (NFLX) was down so much after Q4 results, and what we can infer about the future of streaming and its competitive environment from this. There are two key questions she will be covering:

  • What will be the longer-term fallout from this shock to the stock?

  • Is NFLX stock a buy here?

Berna Barshay will talk about the issues happening in the supply chain for getting finished goods into the US for the holiday season. These issues—while serious—are transitory, and have caused some high-quality retail and consumer product companies to "go on sale" as we enter the beginning of the all-important holiday shopping season.

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