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Michael Brush is an award-winning New York-based financial journalist who writes a stock market column for MarketWatch. He has also covered business and investing for the New York Times, the Economist Group, and MSN Money. Mr. Brush is editor of Brush Up on Stocks, an investment newsletter. He is the author of Lessons From the Front Line, a book offering insights on investing and the markets based on the experiences of professional money managers (published by John Wiley). Mr. Brush studied at Columbia Business School in the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship program, and Johns Hopkins SAIS in Italy.

Michael's Articles

Transocean (RIG) RIG offers offshores contract drilling services for oil and gas wells; it specializes in technically demanding regions of the world, with a particular focus on ultra-deepwater and harsh environment drilling, explains Michael Brush, editor of Brush Up on Stocks.
Dating is back. With lockdown restrictions lifted and so many people vaccinated or protected by natural immunity post infection, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, suggests Michael Brush, editor of Brush Up on Stocks.
Insiders at Rev Group (REVG) are taking on the market by buying after a significant price drop in this stock, explains Michael Brush, a specialist in insider activity and the editor of Brush Up on Stocks.
Look up into the sky any evening, and you will see satellites traversing the nightscape. Maxar Technologies (MAXR) designed and built a lot of the ones you see, asserts Michael Brush, an industry leading growth stock expert and editor of Brush Up On Stocks.
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