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Tim Racette

Trader and Founder,


  • Leader in Trading systems development
  • Winner of the Infinity Futures Trading Challenge
  • Award-Winning Speaker & Author

About Tim

Tim Racette is a stock, options, and futures trader living in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. A Chicago-land native, he has gained a wealth of trading experience over the last 15+ years. Having spent time on the floor of the CBOT and trading remotely via the screen, Mr. Racette brings a well-balanced lifestyle approach to trading. He shares his thoughts and strategies for trading for a living at EminiMind.com.

Tim's Articles

“The most effective thing you can do after coming up with a dream is to create process goals and take action,” writes Tim Racette of EminiMind.com.

Tim's Videos

Join Tim Racette to learn how to create a simple trading strategy to get in momentum trades, a solid trade management technique to reduce risk quickly, and a winning approach to cutting losses quickly and letting winners run.

Learn the techniques and strategies that professional day traders use to day trade the markets for just 90-minutes a day and then have the rest of the day to do more things they enjoy. In this presentation trader Tim Racette of EminiMind will walk you through exactly how he trades the ES each day for optimal efficiency.
In this presentation, you will learn a simple and systematic trading approach for day trading. Taught by Trader Tim of EminiMind.com, Tim Racette walks you through how to enter, exit, and manage trades form start to finish. Learn how to build a scalable trading plan for long term success and make the leap from apprehensive or hesitant, to confident trader.
In this presentation, learn how to draw Fibonacci retracements correctly, as well as extensions, to identify the best entry and exit points when trading. Tim Racette of EminiMind.com, will walk you through his tried-and-true method of identifying the trend and establishing early entry signals both with the trend and counter trend. Join in the conversation as Tim answers all your questions surrounding Fibonacci retracements like you've never experienced before.