Tim Racette

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  • Leader in Trading systems development
  • Winner of the Infinity Futures Trading Challenge
  • Award-Winning Speaker & Author

About Tim

Tim Racette is a stock, options and futures trader living in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. As a Chicago-land native, he spent time on the floor of the CBOT. Tim shares his thoughts and strategies for trading for a living at EminiMind.com.

Tim's Articles

Have you ever noticed that becoming great at anything takes a big commitment of time and focused energy? You can observe a lot of similarities between great thinkers, leaders, business people and actors, writes Tim Racette, speaking at TradersExpo Chicago July 23.
Tim Racette is teaching a trading workshop at The Traders Expo New York this coming weekend/week. In this interview, we talk about his trading methods, how he finds great retracement and breakout opportunities and why his thought processes and mental approach to the markets is so critical to his success as a trader. Register for his session free at: http://www.NewYorkTradersExpo.com.

Tim's Videos

In this presentation, you will learn a simple and systematic trading approach for day trading. Taught by Trader Tim of EminiMind.com, Tim Racette walks you through how to enter, exit, and manage trades form start to finish. Learn how to build a scalable trading plan for long term success and make the leap from apprehensive or hesitant, to confident trader.
In this presentation, learn how to draw Fibonacci retracements correctly, as well as extensions, to identify the best entry and exit points when trading. Tim Racette of EminiMind.com, will walk you through his tried-and-true method of identifying the trend and establishing early entry signals both with the trend and counter trend. Join in the conversation as Tim answers all your questions surrounding Fibonacci retracements like you've never experienced before.
In this presentation Tim Racette, founder and trader of EminiMind.com, will teach you how to identify potential high-quality setups, how to enter, manage, and exit a trade from start to finish, and how to use these key tools for day trading.
At TradersExpo LV Tim Racette of EminiMind.com: how I help traders pertform better. What detracts from peak performance: Isolate the emotional side of trading from the objectove.