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Robert Deel

President, CEO, and Trading Strategist



Robert Deel, CEO and trading strategist for Tradingschool.com, is an internationally recognized trading expert and author and has trained individuals and professional traders throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada in the disciplines of trading psychology, technical analysis, and tactical trading. He developed the Enhanced Tactical Allocation Portfolio Strategies method, a tactical diversification system designed for serious traders and professionals who want protective diversification without incurring serious impact on their total return. Mr. Deel also developed the DDRL (direction, discipline, risk, and leverage) equation, which examines personal trading ability and methodology, pinpoints individual problem areas, and can help determine how much leverage a trader should use. A former portfolio manager, he managed millions of dollars and acted as the trading strategist and advisor for a southern California money management firm. Mr. Deel appears regularly on television and radio and is the author of Trading the Plan and The Strategic Electronic Day Trader.