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Marc Gerstein


Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report


Marc Gerstein is the editor of Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report and specializes in rules-based equity investing strategies that go beyond the "hot" stocks one hears most about searches far and wide for companies (whether widely publicized or little known) that demonstrate excellence. He authored two books on stock screening, Screening the Market and The Value Connection. Mr. Gerstein's strategies, developed and tested on StockScreen123.com, work for companies of all sizes, but tend to be especially effective for smaller companies, those that tend to be neglected by Wall Street. He enthusiastically endorses the sentiment expressed by Peter Lynch in One Up On Wall Street to the effect that if "you find a stock with little or no institutional ownership, you've found a potential winner. Find a company that no analyst has ever visited, or that no analyst would admit to knowing about, and you've got a double winner" (Fireside 2000, p. 136). Hence, Mr. Gerstein's focus on small-cap stocks in general and low-price stocks (under $3) in particular. Although the companies he looks at are small in size, he thinks big when it comes to how seriously they should be analyzed, which he does using the approach he learned and honed during his nearly two decade stint at Value Line.