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Steven Lord



Steven Lord is the founder and chief investment strategist of The Trend Investment Group, and a respected analyst, editor, and publisher of investment related publications. Mr. Lord, a contributing editor to the Taipan Group's Dynamic Market Alert daily e-letter and trading advisory service, GRESSOR, brings a wealth of experience, having held leadership positions in both asset management and investment publishing both in the US and abroad. Most recently, he served as editor of Leeb Group's Emerging Investments, dedicated to smaller capitalization and international investments, and contributing editor to The Complete Investor. In addition, Mr. Lord was a partner in New York-based L.M. Waterhouse, where he personally advised the founder of discount brokerage giant TD Waterhouse on a broad range of investment related matters. Mr. Lord's extensive international experience comes from Bernecker & Cie GmbH, DGermany. He rose to the rank of editor-US markets, and was ultimately responsible for all US market recommendations made by the firm across 17 investment titles in three languages and 50 nations. Mr. Lord is regularly featured on a host of nationally syndicated financial radio shows and has appeared on CNBC's Morning Call and Squawk Box.