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About Kelley

Kelley Wright entered the financial services industry in 1984 as a stock broker, first with a private investment boutique in La Jolla and later with Dean Witter Reynolds. In 1990, he left the retail side of the industry for private portfolio management. In 2002, Mr. Wright succeeded Geraldine Weiss as the managing editor of the Investment Quality Trends newsletter and as the chief investment officer and portfolio manager for IQ Trends Private Client. His commentaries have been published in Barron's, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Dow Jones MarketWatch, The Economist, and many other business and financial periodicals. Mr. Wright is an active speaker at trade shows and investment conferences, and is a frequent guest and contributor to radio and CNBC. He is the author of Dividends Still Don't Lie, which was published in February, 2010, by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Kelley's Articles

In the financial world analysts use valuations to create growth projections based on the expectations that the future growth rate of an asset will mimic the historical growth rate for that asset, explains Kelley Wright, dividend expert and editor of Investment Quality Trends.
The business cycle, as we have previously known it, possibly does not exist anymore. Technically, the business cycle is the alternating periods of expansion and contraction of economic activity, explains Kelley Wright, a leading dividend expert, market strategist and editor of Investment Quality Trends.
We provide a significant amount of fundamental and technical information and data on high quality, dividend-paying blue chip stocks, asserts Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends — and a participant in MoneyShow's Accredited Virtual Expo on March 2-4. Register for free here.
Simon Property Group (SPG) is giant mall operator and REIT, which was one of the worse possible businesses to be in during a global pandemic, notes Kelley Wright, dividend investing expert and editor of Investment Quality Trends.

Kelley's Videos

No, Kelley Wright is not talking politics. Since the introduction of QE into the markets in '08-'09, the markets, and therefore market participants, have enjoyed an environment where they have in large part been protected by the Fed monetarily and from the Congress fiscally. Inflation, the real kind in the real world, not the phony bologna stuff regurgitated by an intentionally obtuse media, is starting to show signs of emergence. The bond market, which has been AWOL since '08-'09, is starting to exhibit a heartbeat. In an inflationary, rising interest rate environment, active management, the ability to pick stocks that are high-quality and offer good value, will outperform passive indexing. In this workshop Kelley Wright will demonstrate the IQ Trends method of identifying high-quality stocks and when they offer good value.

The key to successful investing in the stock market is to minimize the downside risk and maximize the upside potential. In real-world terms we want to own low-risk and sell high-risk. This requires the ability to properly identify high-quality and real economic value, then let time take its course. In this workshop with Kelley Wright, you will learn how to identify stocks that you dont have to worry about, even if Wall Street was closed for five years and then reopened.
In this low-interest-rate environment, safe and ample income streams are truly invaluablealso much harder to come by. Retirees in search of dependable income streams have to consider alternative strategies that go beyond stocks and bonds. This discussion will explore how you can supplement income from traditional fixed-income investments with durable income from sources such as REITs that offer solid yields, without taking on uncomfortably higher levels of risk.
With a Presidential election rapidly approaching, new opportunities are also rapidly emerging. The current market environment is particularly well suited for stock pickers-especially these expert panelists whose careers are devoted to uncovering the best opportunities available in even the most rapidly changing environment. Although nothing is a sure thing, these expert stock pickers will help you sort through the universe of stocks to identify the best opportunities, so you can profit no matter who wins the White House this November!

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Kelley Wright

Dividends Still Don't Lie

Written by Kelley Wright, Managing Editor of Investment Quality Trends, with a new Foreword by Geraldine Weiss, this book teaches a value-based strategy to investing, one that uses a stock's dividend yield as the primary measure of value. Rather than

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