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George Muzea


The Vital Few vs. The Trivial Many


George Muzea is author of The Vital Few vs. The Trivial Many as well as founder and president of Muzea Insider Consulting Services, which advises 60 money management firms with approximately $1 trillion under management. From 1988 to 1993, he wrote a weekly newsletter for institutional money managers, reporting on significant insider trading activity. Prior to that, Mr. Muzea was a stockbroker for 20 years with various brokerage firms including EF Hutton, Oppenheimer, and Drexel Burnham. During that time he was host of his own weekly televised program, The Muzea Insider Report. In 1982, Mr. Muzea was listed in Yale Hirsch's Directory of Exceptional Stockbrokers. He has made frequent guest appearances on Nightly Business Report and CNBC and has been quoted in Fortune, CBS MarketWatch, TheStreet.com, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and Barron's.