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Richard Courtney

Managing Partner and CEO,

Essential Realty Partners

About Richard

Richard (Rick) Courtney is CEO of Essential Realty Partners (Essential), a private equity real estate company focused on middle-market multi-family investments in high-growth markets nationwide. Essential is a next-generation investment manager utilizing predictive analytics and AI enhanced platforms to position itself as a market leader in the new real estate environment. Essential has structured a unique GP Stake Offering that allows investors to participate at the private equity level alongside its founding partners as they embark on a $2.3 billion national portfolio build. Mr. Courtney oversees Essential's national portfolio build on behalf of its investment partners. During his career, he has been responsible for transacting/managing over 17,000 multi-family units and 3.2 million sf of commercial space nationwide.

Richard's Videos

Industry veteran Rick Courtney will discuss how multi-family real estate investing has changed and why rising interest rates, declining yields, and hyper competitive markets require a different kind of investment firm to be successful. He will also discuss how Essential's GP Stake offering provides savvy investors the opportunity to participate in the private equity real estate structure and enjoy general partner level returns. Private equity and real estate have been two of the most predominant investments used by the top 1% to create their wealth.

In this unique and informative webinar, Rick will uncover how a GP Stake combines these two investments allowing you to: earn fees instead of paying them, receive a disproportionate share of the profits through a promoted interest, earn GP-level returns (usually at least double to triple typical LP returns), achieve scale by participating in EVERY DEAL instead of a single fund, and reap potential equity gains from a business with massive assets under management (AUM). Essential Realty Partners is a next generation private equity real estate company armed with the latest in AI and predictive analytics platform allowing it to scale rapidly by acquiring and operating the right deals, in the right markets. Welcome to the next generation of real estate investment-welcome to Essential Realty Partners!