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Gordon Pape is a well-known, bestselling Canadian author who specializes in personal finance and investing. He is editor and publisher of four newsletters including: The Canada Report, a monthly newsletter for US residents who want to invest in Canadian securities. Mr. Pape's other newsletters include: the Internet Wealth Builder, a weekly e-mail investment advisory; The Income Investor, a twice-monthly report on income securities; and Mutual Fund/ETF Update, a monthly publication for Canadians on mutual fund and ETF investment strategies. His Web sites can be found at www.buildingwealth.ca and www.thecanadareport.com.

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ABB, Robots and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The world is changing at a rate that most of us cannot comprehend. It's being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, like those that have gone before, it is ushering in new technologies, crea…

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Gordon Pape Rings Up AT&T

AT&T (T) is the largest telecom company in the U.S., with more than 120 million wireless customers. It provides services in some 225 countries and territories and employs 243,000 people, explain…

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Investing in India

A few years ago, everyone wanted to put money into China. The country's GDP growth was the envy of the Western world, recalls Gordon Pape, editor of Internet Wealth Builder. That was then. Today,…

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Soaring Demand for Flight Simulators

This is a great time to be in the defense industry. Donald Trump wants to ramp up military spending to the tune of US$54 billion plus he's putting pressure on all of America's allies to increase th…

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A Tale of Two Banks: JPM & WFC

Two of our recommended U.S. bank stocks released their year-end results last week. One blew by analysts' estimates while the other left investors deeply disappointed, notes Gordon Pape, editor of T…

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Top Picks 2017: Shopify

Our Top Pick for aggressive growth in the coming year is a fast-growing cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform, explains Gordon Pape, editor of the Internet Wealth Builder. Shopify (SHOP) is …

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Top Picks 2017: Southern Company

Our Top Pick for conservative investors over the coming year is the second-largest energy utility in the U.S., notes dividend expert Gordon Pape, editor of The Income Investor. Southern Company (S…

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Principal: Top Pick for Rising Rates

While much remains unknown about the details of the Trump agenda, it is reasonable to assume that interest rates and bond yields will be rising for the next couple of years, explains Gordon Pape, e…