Edward J Modla

Principal, Investor Education,


  • 20 Years in Financial Industry
  • Former CBOE Market Maker in AMZN Trading Pit
  • Futures Trading Background in Energy &Metals

About Edward J

Edward J. Modla is Principal, Investor Education at OCC. In this role, he oversees education programs which promote the responsible use of listed equity options. Mr. Modla represents OCC by creating and presenting educational events in both online and in-person formats, serving as a guest speaker on panels, and working with the media. Also, he has a lead position in the production of options curricula and the development of strategic business partnerships.

Edward J's Articles

Curious about two-tier income strategies? Join host Ed Modla and CEO of Equity Armour Investments, Luke Rahbari, as they break down market condition, strike and expiration selection, strategy construction, downside risk and more.
Join host Ed Modla and Mark Benzaquen, Manager of the OCC Investor Services team, as they discuss the collar strategy and the many ways that it can be used for downside protection
Tune in as host Ed Modla and guest Dan Keegan of Option Thinker discuss using straddles as an investment strategy, the risks and rewards, plus how certain variables can impact pricing
Many investors focus on buying assets for their portfolios – but it takes buyers and sellers to make a market.

Edward J's Videos

Anyone who follows the markets knows that volatility is talked about a lot, whether it's trending higher or lower. But why does volatility matter, and specifically, how does it affect options pricing? Join Edward J. Modla of OCC for a free webinar, Volatility Analysis for Options Investors, so that you can better understand what changes in volatility may mean for options. You'll learn about historical volatility, implied volatility, the concept of historical implied volatility, examples, calculations, and more!
The options universe has its own special terms that are critical for investors to understand before they commit capital. Please join Edward J. Modla of OCC who will present Options Pricing and Core Concepts. In this presentation, he will discuss options pricing, volatility, time decay, and credit spreads.

The covered combination can enable you to do a couple of things: increase your position if a stock or ETF you own declines, or sell it at a defined price if it climbs to where you're ready to take profits. In this session, Edward J. Modla of OIC will discuss:

  • Covered call writing
  • Put selling
  • Building the covered combination
  • Motivation and risks
  • Calculating your maximum loss and break-even points

When it comes to investing, buying is where most people start. But every time there's a buyer, there's a seller, too. So, who are these sellers? In this presentation, Edward J. Modla of OIC will explain how selling calls and puts is a very different strategy than buying. Most importantly, you'll see that while selling brings opportunity, it also has its own set of risks. Here's some of what he will cover:

  • The obligations of sellers and the rights of buyers
  • Monitoring premium decay and calculating time value
  • Keeping track of moneyness
  • Exercise and assignment, including random assignment
  • Pin risk

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