Sean Ryan


Predicting Alpha

  • Chief Executive Office at Predicting Alpha
  • Winning team at 2020 TMX Trading Competition

About Sean

Sean has been trading for seven years and won the 2020 TMX Options Trading Competition with others from the Predicting Alpha team. Over the years he has developed some unique trading strategies that have allowed him to exceed market returns year over year. Taking concepts from the trading world and applying it to business, Mr. Ryan has started multiple businesses in spaces where the market has underserved customers. The most successful of these ventures is Predicting Alpha, a company focused on levelling the playing field between retail option traders and Wall Street. As a one stop shop for retail options traders looking to find an edge, Predicting Alpha provides evidence backed education, access to professional data, and a community of like minded traders. Through his company, Mr. Ryan has helped train hundreds of traders in the art and science of building profitable trading strategies.

Sean's Videos

Over the last 20 years, the majority of market returns occurred during the hours when markets are closed. This points towards a risk premium that has become easier to monetize due to reduced trading commissions on ETFs, allowing investors to turn over portfolios more frequently without incurring large costs.

In this session, Sean Ryan will share his research on how to strategically capitalize on the overnight returns that have driven market performance in the last decade using momentum factors. The presentation will include a breakdown of the research, back tests, and the steps to implement the resulting strategy in your own portfolio.

Historical performance of using momentum factors to forecast overnight returns for ETFs has been astronomical, and based on the research, and it is Sean's opinion that we will continue to see outperformance into the future.

In this session, Sean will be clearly explaining what makes selling options profitable and how to properly approach option selling strategies to minimize risk and maximize returns for retail traders.

Concepts covered:

  • Expected value and how to apply it to trading.
  • Common misconceptions and how to think about option greeks.
  • Risk premiums and why option sellers get paid.
  • How to price options (so you can buy cheap and sell expensive).