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  • Author of The Mindless Investor, Make Money in the Market
  • Professional Trader for 20 Years

About Tyler

Tyler Bollhorn is the founder of and is the author of The Mindless Investor, Make Money in the Market by Overcoming Your Common Sense. He has been a professional stock trader for over 20 years, utilizing his unique approach to find market-beating stocks by focusing on abnormal trading activity. Mr. Bollhorn has personally taught his methods for successfully trading the market to thousands of traders.

Tyler's Articles

Not only does Tyler Bollhorn, of, shed some light on seven of the most common mistakes for traders to sidestep, but he also outlines seven ways for how to avoid them, with each solution specifically geared towards that particular mistake.
To take advantage of fast swings in the current market conditions, Tyler Bollhorn of likes to use 15-minute charts to time trades. He likes to avoid headline risk, preferring to focus on a group of ETFs that have proven to be good vehicles in recent weeks.

Tyler's Videos

There is a simple characteristic of almost every stock that moves up quickly. To be a profitable trader requires that you not only understand why it works but have the tools and process to identify opportunities. In this presentation, founder Tyler Bollhorn will show you the factor he has focused on for most of his 30-year trading career. Whether you are a longer-term position trader, medium-term swing trader, or short-term day trader, understanding his simple approach to trading the stock market will make you a better investor and trader.
More than 90% of stocks that outperform the market with strong gains show this important characteristic when their up trend is starting. During the webinar, Stockscores founder Tyler Bollhorn will show what to look for and how to find it. Whether you are a long-term investor, a medium-term swing trader, or a short-term day trader, the signal is the same and essential to finding winning stocks early.
Stockscores founder, Tyler Bollhorn, will take you through his processes for finding investment and trading opportunities, focused on his basic criteria and the tools he uses to find the stocks that meet them. He will show how you can search the entire stock market for opportunities in only minutes a day.

Tyler's Books

Tyler Bollhorn

The Mindless Investor: Make Money in the Market by Overcoming Your Common Sense

Tyler Bollhorn has discovered a simple, easy-to-spot characteristic that almost every market-beating stock shows early in it's upward trend.
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