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Brian Shannon is a full-time trader with 27 years of trading experience which he shares with subscribers to his highly regarded subscription service at Mr. Shannon is considered to be a pioneer and the leading expert in using the "Anchored VWAP." He is also the author of the classic book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes.

Brian's Articles

Traders Brian Shannon and Rob Booker discuss the bitcoin phenomenon that has spurred a lot of interest from the investing community.
Market analyst and trader Brian Shannon discusses what he sees are the pros and cons of traders using social media.
Market technician Brian Shannon discusses some of the tools that he uses to find stocks like Tesla and explains why short squeezes can provide good opportunities.
20-year trading veteran Brian Shannon talks about the costly emotional mistakes that traders make and how to control them.

Brian's Videos

Brain Shannon discusses his use of volume-weighted average pricing (VWAP) on multiple timeframes.
Brian Shannon describes Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and how traders can use it to improve their execution. How to anchor the VWAP to a specific event/report in the market.
Brian Shannon explains how he is using VWAP analysis to exploit opportunities in Nike and Facebook.
The "anchoring bias" has gained widespread acceptance as a motivator of price action in the financial markets but it is seldom explained how to use this bias for greater profitability and risk management. Price, volume, and time form what is the best true representation of who controls the market trends. The anchored volume weighted average price (AVWAP) blends these three components together to reveal a true look at trends on any timeframe. Learn how the AVWAP can help you drill down on multiple timeframes to find more accurate entries, proper stop placement, and better overall market timing. Brian Shannon will share historical market levels of VWAP significance, as well as look at current market trends.
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