Rick Rule

President and CEO,

Sprott US Holdings, Inc.

  • Director & Largest Shareholder of Sprott Inc.
  • 45 Year-Veteran of Natural Resource & Precious Metals
  • Originator of Debt & Equity Private Placements

About Rick

Rick Rule founded Global Resource Investments, Inc., which provides investment advice and brokerage services to high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and corporate entities worldwide. Global Resource Investments, Inc., is now part of the Sprott, Inc., group of companies, a public company, focused on investment management in the natural resources sector. The company manages or administers in excess of CAD$8 billion in resource and commodity assets. Mr. Rule has been active in natural resource investing for 35 years and is a well-recognized analyst in mining, energy, water, forest products, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors. A popular public speaker, he is a featured presenter at investment and industry forums and conferences around the world. Mr. Rule is particularly active in private placement markets, having originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public, and public companies.

Rick's Videos

Natural Resource markets are both cyclical and volatile. The cycles are fairly predictable. When broadly used commodities sell for less than the total cost of production, either the commodity price rises, or the products become unavailable. The best opportunities are often the least popular! This discussion with Rick Rule will include current examples and opportunities.
Gold, silver, and mining stocks had a spectacular performance in 2020, and it seems like they'll do even better in 2021, with a tidal wave of new stimulus spending flooding the economy. But is the story really that simple? Our panel of experts will pinpoint some potential pitfalls—and profit centers—that most will miss this year.
Rick Rule has originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity private placements, in a forty-five-year career in finance. This presentation will focus on selecting and screening opportunities in small-cap natural resource equities. This talk is most appropriate for reasonably experienced, accredited speculators and investors.
Given the monumental stimulus being directed at the world's economies, and the likelihood of negative real interest rates for years to come, the forces propelling metals higher will make this one of the most enduring bull markets in history. This panel of top experts will help you identify new trends, the driving forces behind them, and share their best ideas for cashing in on this bullish momentum.