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John Lansing


Trending 123


John Lansing is a long-time professional technical analyst and trader and the founder of Trending 123. Beginning his career in technical analysis in the mid-1990s, his first major victory came shortly after he started his service in 1999 under the name 123 Trends. Despite what many pundits were saying, Mr. Lansing's analysis showed that the NASDAQ was about to collapse, and he wanted to warn investors before it was too late. He quickly gained a following ranging from individual investors to professional brokers. Mr. Lansing changed the name of his service to Trending 123 and expanded it to include a wide variety of technical analysis tools, educational materials, and advice, including a sector scan of his own creation, technical analysis tutorials, and specific trading recommendations. One of the most notable was when he called the top oil during summer 2006, enabling Trending 123 members to take profits and get out before a hedge fund collapsed brought the oil sector down in flames. Now, Mr. Lansing works on behalf of Trending 123 members, using a proprietary system of technical analysis covering over four million chart patterns, to find the best trading opportunities among 16,000 investment instruments and 238 sectors and sub-sectors. He maintains a careful balance between risk and reward by targeting stocks with the potential for sudden profits but doesn't pass up an opportunity when the risk/reward ratio is in his favor. Mr. Lansing keeps a constant watch over the charts and records daily audio and video presentations of his technical analysis and recommendations, broadcast via e-mail and the members' Web site to Trending 123 subscribers.