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Bryan Anderson


Growth Equity Advisors, LLC


Bryan Anderson has over 25 years' experience as an equity analyst and portfolio manager. During the 1990s, he was associated with William ONeil & Co. and served as analyst for the New USA Growth Fund, where he focused on medical and information technology. After Mr. ONeil sold the fund to MFS in 1997, Mr. Anderson managed a portion of in-house assets for ONeil and Co. During this period, he also conducted investment seminars and workshops across the US for Investors Business Daily newspaper, a wholly owned unit of ONeil. In 2000, Mr. Anderson co-founded a hedge fund organization, which he managed until he sold his interest to his business partner in 2009. The long/short growth equity fund outperformed its benchmark index by over 600 basis points during the period when Mr. Anderson served as its principal portfolio manager. Today, he conducts research on growth equities, and serves as adviser for a growth equity hedge fund, in addition to managing his personal portfolio.