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Paul Brittain

Las Vegas Branch Manager

Whitehall Investment Management


As Whitehall Investment Management's Las Vegas branch manager, Paul Brittain produces three newsletters, The Beast, Big MacDaddy, and The Optionologist. He has 27 years' experience in futures and options, including numerous years designing innovative trading techniques.Based on Mr. Brittain's belief that a knowledgeable trader is a happy and more successful trader, he founded CommodityTradingSchool.com, where he continues to teach, sharing the knowledge from his career. He has been quoted by many major news sources such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News and is a sought after speaker and participant at industry shows across the country. Mr. Brittain has written numerous articles for industry publications such as PitNews Magazine, Futures magazine, Active Trader, and Stocks & Commodities. He has also been a featured trader in Futures magazine and Traders Monthly. Mr. Brittain is also the co-author of the book, Commodity Options, which was released in February 2009.