Justin Carbonneau

Vice President,


  • Partner & VP of Valiea
  • Writes the Factor Focus Column on Validea
  • Co-Hosts the Excess Returns Investing Podcast

About Justin

Justin Carbonneau is vice president of Validea, an independent investment research firm focused on developing quantitative strategies and investing tools based on the methodologies of legendary investors and other proven approaches. He is also one of the partners at Validea Capital Management. Mr. Carbonneau writes the Factor Focus column on Validea and is co-host of the Excess Returns investing podcast. He was on UConn's Track & Field team, is a former member of the Connecticut Air National Guard, and holds a MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Justin's Articles

Something happened recently that has never happened before in the market. If you take the current rate of inflation and compare it to the S&P 500’s earnings and dividend yield, you get a number that is basically close to zero, explains Justin Carbonneau, editor at Validea.
This is an article about “shells” and financial “pearls”, but not the kind that come from the ocean. Instead, they’re the latest craze in the markets – SPACs, notes Justin Carbonneau, a leading market strategist, editor of Validea — and a participant in The Interactive MoneyShow Virtual Expo from May 11-13. Register for free here.
Bitcoin has gone from JV to Varsity, and now has a valuation as high as some of the world’s top companies. Turning 12 years old, the digital cryptocurrency is growing up, figuratively and literally right in front of our eyes, explains Justin Carbonneau, investing strategist and partner at Validea.
The story and situation behind GameStop (GME) is extraordinary, and I think it can provide us with some broader lessons that are important to remember when investing in the market, explains Justin Carbonneau, investing strategist and partner at Validea.

Justin's Videos

Join Justin Carbonneau, vice president at Validea, as he discusses the firm's top stock selection models, which are based on legendary investors-like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt-and other fundamental methods that have been proven over time. He will walk investors through the specific criteria used in these models that can be replicated and used in the analysis of stocks and sourcing of new investment ideas. Mr. Carbonneau will also discuss the trends and narratives playing out in the market and offer his thoughts on what investors should be paying attention to as we move into the second half of the year.

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