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Justin Carbonneau

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  • Partner & VP of Valiea
  • Writes the Factor Focus Column on Validea
  • Co-Hosts the Excess Returns Investing Podcast

About Justin

Justin Carbonneau is vice president of Validea, an independent investment research firm focused on developing quantitative strategies and investing tools based on the methodologies of legendary investors and other proven approaches. He is also one of the partners at Validea Capital Management. Mr. Carbonneau writes the "Factor Focus" column on Validea and is co-host of the Excess Returns investing podcast. He was on UConn's Track & Field team, is a former member of the Connecticut Air National Guard, and holds a MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Justin's Articles

When sourcing investment ideas, we utilize an investment system that replicates the strategies of great investors and other time-tested approaches through a set of computerized strategies, explains Justin Carbonneau, editor of Validea
When sourcing investment ideas, we utilize an investment system that replicates the strategies of great investors and other time-tested approaches through a set of computerized strategies, explains Justin Carbonneau, editor of Validea.
In Ben Graham’s "The Intelligent Investor," he introduces Mr. Market, which is an allegory that is meant to help the reader understand the irrational, groupthink and herding mentality that can take place in the stock market, recalls Justin Carbonneau, market strategist and editor of Validea.
During bear markets, it’s easy to talk about all the things going wrong in the market, economy, and the world. And in today’s current market environment, there is no shortage of things to worry about, asserts Justin Carbonneau, an investment strategist and editor of Validea.

Justin's Videos

Today's stock investor has access to robust tools and top-shelf investment research to help them uncover new stock ideas. But understanding how to use the metrics available to measure the fundamentals of stocks can be a challenging process. In this webinar, Validea's Justin Carbonneau will explain the fundamental variables that were utilized by some of history's best investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Ben Graham and will explain how to apply those variables to find attractive value and growth stocks. This webinar will be valuable for investors interested in learning how to apply systematic methods to identify fundamentally sound stock opportunities and in helping investors determine if a value or growth investing approach is right for them.

The 60/40 stock and bond portfolio has been a winning investment strategy for the last 30+ years for those investors looking to balance risk and return. As a result, it has become the dominant asset allocation for most investors in or nearing retirement.

However, high stock valuations and low bond yields may be headwinds for the 60/40 over the next decade, and lower expected returns from the portfolio could pose significant problems for investors. Potential future inflation could also cause a situation where both stocks and bonds decline at the same time, increasing risk for investors.

In this presentation, Validea Capital's Justin Carbonneau will look at the pluses and minuses of the 60/40 from this point forward and what some of the challenges may be for investors who have this traditional asset allocation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the future returns of the 60/40 portfolio may be lower than they have been in the past;

  • How additional asset classes such as commodities, gold and real estate can work as complements to a stock and bond portfolio;

  • How unconventional asset allocation strategies such as the Permanent Portfolio, All Weather Portfolio, Protective Asset Allocation and Generalized Protective Momentum can offer more broad protection against future uncertainty and how they can be combined into one strategy with superior risk adjusted returns.

Join Justin Carbonneau, vice president at Validea, as he discusses the firm's top stock selection models, which are based on legendary investors-like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt-and other fundamental methods that have been proven over time. He will walk investors through the specific criteria used in these models that can be replicated and used in the analysis of stocks and sourcing of new investment ideas. Mr. Carbonneau will also discuss the trends and narratives playing out in the market and offer his thoughts on what investors should be paying attention to as we move into the second half of the year.

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July 23 - 24, 2024