David began his investment career in 2007 by co-founding a fee-only registered investment advisory firm and swiftly grew that company to over $100 million in assets. In 2013 he started FMD Capital Management with the commitment to build a world class investment firm focused on client service, investment discipline, and accountability.

Davids responsibilities within FMD Capital Management include: operations management, chief compliance officer, investment research, client communication, and portfolio management. In addition, David actively contributes his investment views on the Investor Insights blog and through special reports.

He has years of experience implementing actively managed growth and income portfolios using ETFs and mutual funds. David is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and MarketWatch. He is also a regular contributor on Abnormal Returns, Seeking Alpha, InvestorPlace, and writes a weekly ETF column for NASDAQ.com. David is licensed by the California Department of Insurance (License #0H86066).

Content from David Fabian

Closed-End Duo forTax-Efficient Yields
David Fabian

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Time to Rethink the Love Affair with Bonds?
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Core Idea for Total International Exposure
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In the absence of any real excitement or edge in domestic equities, we have shifted our focus to international stocks as a pote...

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ETFs: Keep it Simple
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David Fabian worries that investors are overcomplicating their ETF portfolios; instead, the money manager at FMD Capital sugges...

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