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Brian Dolan

Chief Currency Strategist



Brian Dolan is a 20-year veteran of the currency market, having worked as a senior trader and analyst at some of the world's leading international banks, including Dai-Ichi Kangyo, Credit Suisse, and American Express. In addition to overseeing fundamental and technical research at GAIN, he publishes a daily technical analysis report and weekly macro research report for the exclusive use of GAIN Capital clients. Frequently sought after by the financial press for his insights into currency movements, Mr. Dolan is a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He has also published numerous articles on short-term trading strategies and risk management in journals such as Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and SFO. In the fall of 2007, Mr. Dolan co-authored Currency Trading for Dummies, a sophisticated, educational resource for traders new to the forex markets. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College.