Lisa Langley

CEO and President,

Emerge Canada, Inc.

About Lisa

Lisa Langley, with over 30 years of investment management industry experience, is the CEO and president of Emerge Canada, Inc., which she founded to provide global support to investment managers. Previously, she worked globally in the financial industry, including over 20 years in Toronto as the president and COO of First Asset Advisory Services, where she raised over a billion in assets and successfully sold the company, then with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) as the vice president of member services. Following this Ms. Langley, became the managing director of global product development for Alliance Trust in Scotland, after which she served as the COO and partner for Sandhill Investment Management in Buffalo, NY.

Lisa's Videos

With so many ETFs on the market today, and more launching every year, it can be tough to determine which product will work best in your portfolio. In this panel discussion, you will hear from some of Canada's leading female ETF experts on how investors should evaluate the ever-expanding ETF landscape and walk away with simple strategies to help you get started.

Participating in innovation is exciting, and you can do so right here at home with Canadian-listed ETFs. As Canadian investors you have access to the US-listed ETFs, meaning that you have access to top-performing and famous innovation strategies. However, if that same innovation strategy is available to you in Canadian-listed form why are you still buying US? You can participate in innovation in Canada through Canadian-listed ETFs.

Lisa Langley, CEO and founder of Emerge Canada, Inc., will be discussing the importance of allocating and investing in innovation and also the importance of how you are investing in innovation. She believes that it's time to buy local—buy Canadian—buy Canadian-made ETFs.