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Robert Weinstein

Weinstein Capital


Robert Weinstein is a full time as a trader and investor. He has been trading stocks for over 20 years used the successes and failures that he experienced to shape and foster his development of a unique trading and investing style. Using a composite of proprietary developed technical analysis and market psychology, Mr. Weinstein has been able to find and exploit price discrepancies with a high degree of accuracy. Differentiating further from the crowd, the majority of his trading is shorting during times a stock appears superior to its reality. Having lived and traveled throughout Asia, I believe in taking a Japanese "keizen" (continuous improvement) approach to trading. I employ a continuous study of markets and economic behavior of market participants. He previously hosted a chat room on EliteTrader.com and is currently hosting the trading chat room on Paid2Trade.com. Mr. Weinstein has been featured in Active Trader magazine. He currently publishes articles on trading ideas as well as improving results by maintaining a focus on personal psychology. Mr. Weinstein is generally considered to be a contrarian trader that will sell short a stock if he believes it to be overbought and will buy a stock that he believe has been beaten down. He writes a lot of options to hedge his trading and believes there is a lot of room for the retail trader even in a world full of computers and high-frequency trading. Mr. Weinstein's trading blog can be on found at www.paid2trade.com.