Enrique Abeyta


Empire Elite Trader

  • Editor of numerous Empire Elite newsletters
  • 20 Year Experience
  • One of the early founders of the Wharton Fellows Fund

About Enrique

Enrique Abeyta is editor of the Empire Elite Trader, Empire Elite Growth, Empire SPAC Investor, Empire Elite Options, and Empire Elite Crypto newsletters. During his time at the University of Pennsylvania, he was one of the early founders of the Wharton Fellows Fund, a student-run endowment investment fund. Following his graduation, Mr. Abeyta spent 20-plus years on Wall Street, where he founded and served as managing partner of two long/short hedge funds and raised more than $2 billion in assets. His impressive track record included strongly outperforming the S&P 500 over a decadelong period, including generating positive returns during the bear markets that followed the dot-com bubble, and global financial crisis.

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The Empire Elite Trader is a short-term trading service that draws from a universe of around 100 mid- to large-cap stocks. Senior editor Enrique

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